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Is there anything we can agree on?

The world if terrifying these days isn’t it? ….

And confusing…

And misleading…

And untrustworthy…

We have all the information we need and could want at our fingertips. Sadly it is all jumbled up with equally as much misinformation, false information, propaganda, fake facts, speculation delivered as facts, terrorising prophecy delivered as facts, conspiracy theories etc etc. It is nigh on impossible to get to the truth. So we all do the best we can which generally involves clinging onto those facts/news stories/speculations and statistics (which anyone whose ever worked in business knows can prove or disprove anything), that support the view-point we already have. And in this day and age of confused, fear-mongering and mixed messages, we really do need to cling onto the ‘evidence’ that supports our standpoint.  The result is that all of us believe vehemently that our viewpoint is correct and that anyone opposing it must be misguided, a fool or down right evil…   The world and its (mis)information is all presented as black or white, right or wrong; foolhardy or wise; planet destroying or life saving.  Rather than opinions, opportunities, possibilities.  Everything is set to threaten the future and whichever opinion you stand behind is guaranteed to resolve it , if only the other ‘side’ would fall into line.  The problem is nothing really stands in isolation of anything else. and nothing is black and white.

I wonder if there is anything we can all agree on ? Surely, you would think that everyone would agree on vaccinations? After all we’ve eradicated life threatening/limiting diseases like to polio as a result, for example… But no there is a school of thought opposing this.

Surely we can all agree whichever side of the Brexit fence we sit that 3.5 years is an incompetent and damaging amount of wasted time in which to still not to have either cancelled Brexit or left the EU. . Seems not.

At least we can all agree we are amidst a climate crisis even if we can’t agree what to do about it?. Not so

Surely we must all agree that we need to reduce pollution? Be less wasteful,? Stop using and find alternatives to stop plastics pollution, especially packaging and single use plastics. It would appear not…

We can’t even agree if pineapple is OK as a pizza topping…..

It seems we can agree on nothing.

I was really shocked when I expressed my delight at receiving a bagless shop from Tescos.  The ‘debate’ (by which I mean ‘barrage of abuse’ on the Tescos twitter page was quite astounding).  Disabled people would die of starvation if they couldn’t order on-line and have single use plastic bags; I myself clearly live with a low standard of hygiene…..  This is just one tiny strand of that barrage.

It’s frustrating how people (and here I am making assumption myself) who ‘do nothing’, make themselves feel better by pointing out to those who ‘do something’, the things there are failing to do . For example I am happy to receive and eat ‘dirty food’ and how boring is my life that all i have to worry about is plastic bags;  yet I still plastered myself with ‘pink gunk’ …and there the attempt to communicate ended, I blocked him….. no-one disses this lady’s embracing of the glories of her pinkiness…… 😉

Maybe humanity is doomed. Possibly it deserves to be.  After all, we think we are powerful enough to destroy the planet when in reality (in my opinion) we are only foolish enough and greedy enough, and self-righteous enough, to destroy ourselves …..  The earth will recover once we are gone.

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  1. Hi Berni, I love this ramble. No everything in the world is black and white, there is a vast area of grey that’s not set in stone. That grey area is what allows us to change and grow and hopefully learn. There was a time when I truly believed that pineapple had no place on a pizza, but I not that person anymore. Pineapple and bacon on pizza is a match made in heaven…. Living in a place where home shopping deliveries is not a thing I do find it strange that single use bags are used to deliver shopping! Surly it would make more sense to deliver in boxes or crates that customers would have to pay a (returnable) deposit on? That’s just bonkers.


  2. One of our major grocery store chains here is getting rid of all plastic bags by the end of the year. I plan on continuing to use the cloth bags that I’ve had for years, which can be washed easily and reused over and over again!

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