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6th May… Voting Day… A message from Lady Lil

A message from Lady Lily the Pink

***On 6th May get to your nearest polling station, borrow the pencil provided, pick a candidate and pop a cross in their box***   #useyourvote

Sadly in 2021 I will not be on the ballot paper …

As lockdown has eased I have periodically been seen in supermarkets, post offices, running through parks in pursuit of my 3yr old grandson and queuing for my covid 19 vaccination.  It has been lovely, when out in public, that people have taken the time to speak to me , recognising (I imagine) the pink curly hair.  Several people have asked me if I will be standing in the forthcoming elections.

In an ordinarily extraordinary election year,  I would be standing on my own wobbly loony platform to represent the unique and wonderful people of Brecon and Radnorshire. But times are more than extraordinary, and I find my loony-self unable to run around in my pink mobile, rallying the communities, enjoying their company, listening to their concerns, and using humour to combat the fears and frustrations in a time where we all have more than our fair share of both.

I am instead, standing, sitting, crouching, and leaning (but never lying 😉) alongside, behind, beside and sometimes in front of William Powell.

I’ve often referred to Bill as a Loony Lib Dem. He has supported me on my campaign trails in the past; recognising the benefit of having a Loony in the fray, helping to raise awareness and call on the other candidates for accountability. He also listened to me as a constituent living in Llanwrtyd Wells, despite our many differences (his lack of pink hair, for example).

Surviving 2020

Last year was rough, he nearly died from Covid-19, his family were helpless in their worry and waiting and he was oblivious in his induced coma. And then he was back, positively embracing the long road to recovery and wallowing in the wonderfulness of his friends, family, and community.

William Powell , Lady Lily Pink, Talgath Festival
Community Man, Talgarth Mayor, Loony in Training

He is just that. A local community man born and bred, active on behalf of everyone, irrespective of their politics, representing his community and the needs of the Region and our Nation for the benefit of us all. And as he does it , he wears only the best: a big smile.  And he carries only the most important things: an open mind, and a positive attitude.

Loonies in the Senedd

In my absence, I believe he’s the nearest you’ll get to a fully committed, totally passionate, honest to goodness Loony in the Senedd… I am more than happy to back his campaign and entrust the representation of Brecon and Radnorshire to him, fighting our corner with Welsh Government and taking our concerns to Westminster too.

However you intend to vote … use your vote.

get down to your local polling station, borrow their pencil, and put a cross in a boxThe establishment thought we were mad, when we Loonies proposed lowering the voting age from 21 to 18. They are still debating at Westminster whether we are mad to suggest lowering it to 16… But The Senedd have taken our advice and this year anyone over 16 can be counted.  In fact some of the best policies have come from the minds of the loonies… pet passports, voting ages, pub opening hours…

Suggestions for the other candidates to help gain the popular vote 

Having stood for the constituency in the previous WAG elections, the by-election and the most recent General Election, I have missed the opportunity to meet people, and respond to the local concerns alongside the other unofficial loonies from the other parties.

In my absence I offer the other candidates free use of some of our more popular ideas  from previous Loony MANICfestos .. (they often steal them anyway 😉  )

  • potholes more than 3″ deep will be marked with rubber ducks and alongside the annual MOT for car roadworthiness introduce ROT for road carworthiness
  • To save money , reduce the Welsh assembly from 60 seats to 5 and create the Welsh Ensemble .
  • make Swansea Airport the Hub of the Welsh Space Program.
  • In the Interests of national security, promise to ban all Leeks from the Welsh Assembly canteen
  • Make World Bog Snorkelling an Olympic Sport
  • Be more inclusive by allowing dragons of all colours to represent Wales, not just the red ones

Lady Lil looking for the truthMay the Best Unofficial Loony win

Wishing all the candidates officially loony or otherwise all the best in the elections on 6th May  and hoping that all of you find enough interest and confidence in one of them to raise your pencil, draw a cross, and allow yourself to be counted .

Don’t forget to vote 

sorry I won't be there to hand out the sweeties


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