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I’m Serious, UK Politics are Insane (point 2 : Tax evasion)

More nonesense in British politics.

This whole business of publishing tax returns .  What a waste of time.  It only shows us the bit of ‘stuff’ that has been managed, declared and taxed like every Joe Blogs does.  Personally if someone takes a job that pays £100K then so be it, as long as they pay the UK tax rates on it.  If they earn an extra £40K in bonuses and ‘benefits’ then fair play, as long as they declare it and get taxed according to the HMRC laws of our land.  All that showing us their tax returns does is let us know what they are prepared to declare.

Surely are issues are not with the bits they do legally and morally, it’s the other bits, they ‘spin’ , use legal loopholes for and ‘accidently’ forget about.

Like, the inflated salary they might pay their husband/wife/son/daughter as fashion advosor/secretary/moat cleaner.  Like the second home in the city they have because 20 miles is too far to commute to work and they’re entitled to a second home if Westminster is too far away for them.  Or like the mortage interest they claim back on a mortgage that ceased to be 10 years prior but they ‘accidently’ forgot to stop claiming.

These are the things that are either illegal or immoral or are using the built in loopholes that they keep for themselves that the public is concerned about.  These loopholes will never be closed because it is only the rich and influential that benefit from them (ie them and their funders, family and friends) so they do not want them closed.

OK, some people might be jealous about how much they earn or feel they earn too much for the job they do.  I personally thing bin men are unfairly paid.  Its a dirty job (literally), most people wouldn’t/couldn’t do it, they should earn more.  Inspirational teachers.  They should earn more.  Politicians they should earn less.  BUT.  the rate for the job is the rate for the job and people take the jobs because they have the skills or need to take them and they do the job.  Some do their job well, others less so.  It’s then the responsibility of the personnel departments and line managers to ‘manage’ those issues.  We might not like what people earn but they are allowed to earn it.

The other stuff.  That’s a different story.  That’s illegal (sometimes), immoral and hypocritical (often), that’s cheating, taking advantage of their position and downright inappropriate for sustaining credibility in a role of representing the populous.

It makes the system a nonesense.  Its INSANE… and that’s another reason I stand of Loony

If you don’t usually vote, vote unusually.

The Official Monster Raving Loony Party . Vote for Insanity, You Know it Makes Sense.



Disclaimer: This blog post represents the views of her Ladyship, Lady Lily the Pink and her more serious alter ego, Bernice Benton , and may or may not have any bearing or relation to the opinions of the Monster Raving Loony Party or the individuals I like to think I am representing. I speak for me , as me , and through me…. maybe some of my thoughts and opinions work for you too…


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  1. everything points more and more to corruption and a ‘them and us’ view regarding behaviour and laws for the people at the top of all the decicion making…if I did a job and put the £20 in my back pocket and didn’t declare it and pay the £4 tax I’d be a tax evader… if I could afford to put it in an offshore fund I’d be financially savvy… thats the lunacy of these loopholes they keep open for their own benefit grrrrrr

  2. Spot on as always Berni!
    I am appalled by the total lack of understanding this government has for how we, the population, the voters, feel about this. Cameron’s entire childhood, and a very expensive education, were paid for by money from funds that were avoiding tax. His childhood was paid for at the expense of the working classes. The only hope I have is that the popular classes will actually care enough to rise up and take some action now. Enough. More than enough.
    Dinah x

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