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All for a good cause… the give and take of life

There’s far more to a good cause than raising money for a registered charity.  I’m not belittling fund raising, its vital and a great thing to do.  What I’m saying is its a great thing to do for lots of reasons other than the actual cash result. Perhaps this is something that we are programmed to not admit as charitable fundraising is seen as an altruistic and selfless activity.

However, if I dare suggest that fundraising is also a good thing for the benefits the fundraiser gets.  Its a boost to ones self-esteem, a pat on the shoulder of one’s conscience, an opportunity to make your views and passions public and express a side of your personality.  I suggest that there is nothing wrong with accepting that fundraising is a mutually beneficial  activity.

I’d also suggest that the raising of awareness; the engaging of like-minded people,  the pro-activity, the community engagement are also important benefits of doing something for a good cause.

In fact quite often its the little charitable acts that are more effective in achieving all of the above than big actions for registered charities.  After all, registered charities cost a lot to run , so large proportions of monies raised go into paying staff, websites, literature, mail drops etc etc.  Obviously I’m not advocating we stop giving to the large charities but what I want to do is ‘big’ up the little acts because you don’t need to splash the cash to be able to help a good cause.  Which is handy in these times of austerity.

It takes nothing, for example to check in on the old lady or gentleman living on their own down the road.  even sharing a FB status advertising a fundraising event or gig is helpful.

A couple of weeks ago my son and various friends of his and their joint musical talents and bands performed officially and then unofficially amongst other local musicians in the pubs around Brecon as part ofOxjam.  They ended up jamming until 4am.  It was an awesome day.

Rock n Roll with The Hurricanes at Markets Tavern in Brecon for Oxjam
Rock n Roll with The Hurricanes at Markets Tavern in Brecon for Oxjam

More importantly is the realisation that the benefit is mutual.  money, I’m pleased to say was raised for a very good cause – in a non-pressure way – there were collection buckets on the bar- people gave what they could or wanted.  the music was FREE.  The musicians got exposure, got to perform (their passion), enjoyed the atmosphere, networked, laughed and felt fan-bloody-tastic.  The audience, staff, parents, friends got to be entertained, had the opportunity to help/give, laughed, shared, made new friends….

(Check out this you tube video out – cover of Sympathy for the Devil by young band, The Hurricanes)

When I started writing this blog piece I knew what I wanted to say but not really now to get it out.  Then an opportunity presented itself to me and through blogging and face-booking and the general network of social media communication that I find helpful, soulful and satisfying,  It was enlightening, almost an epiphany!  i chanced upon two things.  The first was author and blogger Alana Munro, and a subsequent comment on her blog lead me to Pulp Literature.  From there I was lead to the most inspirational TED TALK, “The Art of Asking”.  If you only have 13 minutes to spare all day may I humbly suggest you spend it watching this .  This talk just about gets to the heart of everything I feel and wanted to say in this blog.  Give and take, asking for help, reaching out, touching.  Life is bloody marvelous and if you open your mind and heart you let in the best of people and they get the best of you too.

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  1. You got it! I didn’t experience what it was like to have a real ask/give/take/donate artistic relationship until I started doing this through Pulp Literature. I’m learning to trust others in a new way. It has all been amazing,

  2. Glad to help!

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