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What do you wanna be? (a Loony political post)

So, here I am a 52-year-old peri-menopausal woman with anxiety.

I’m not a politician.

I actually probably have very few , if any of the facts!

I certainly don’t have (m)any of the answers.  Of that I am acutely aware.

I spend my life swinging between a state of paralysis at the enormity of the worlds problems; to rage at the seeming ineptitude of its leaders; to frustration at not having my voice heard; to despair at what feels like the hopelessness of our global inactions/poor choices and mismanagement.

I go from feeling strong and vocal to feeling fake and inept.

Call it imposter syndrome; call it self-awareness.  Much of the time I feel I lack enough knowledge and education.  I feel like a fraud.  As a so-called ‘wanna-be politician’, I am indeed a fraud.  I do not want to be a politician.  I don’t even want to be in the public eye.  However, I am enraged and sick to death of being angry. So I don on my pink and emerge as my alter ego, Lady Lil. She offers me a little bit of a voice, and I use a spot of colour, the odd bit of humour and a massive dose of self deprecation to try to raise awareness of what I believe very strongly is important.

I repeat something my nephew said to me; I may not have any of the facts!!!  I do however, like so many, if not all of us , have plenty of feelings and opinions.  I feel a deep-rooted sense of injustice and have a body full of self-doubt.  I am filled with irrational guilt.  Maybe that comes from my Jewish heritage ;-).  Maybe all women have it, or all parents, or all people?

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2015 results by votes

Our system of democracy is far from perfect, at times it seems to only offer the illusion of democracy.  First Past the Post, means the majority never have a voice.  It has forced on us the further erosion of democracy in the form of ‘Election Pacts’ by which the parties decide on which issue is the most important (in this case Brexit) and then agree to step aside or lead the remain campaign by constituencies in which they are most or least likely to change the result.  In my mind this is taking away the electorates opportunity to vote for their party of choice on issues they might believe are the most important (for example the climate crisis or social injustice or Welsh independence).  It’s an attempt to control the tactical vote.  And whilst I understand why, I strongly oppose it.

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outer ring is seats, inner ring is votes

In B&R for example, for the second time this year, both Plaid and Green have stepped aside to focus the remain vote to Libdem.  Maybe in an unfair system like FPTP, which is the one we have, then this can be justified as a necessity?  Personally I think it is manipulation and the removal of the opportunity of the electorate to their right to a democratic vote.  These parties have a duty to their constituency to give the people their voice.  Green may not win, but a substantial increase in their vote sends a clear message.

I’m not a real political, I’m standing as a loony, an Official one at that.  I’m doing it to raise awareness of the importance of using your vote.  Your party may not win, but every vote is still counted.  Whereas abstinence is not counted.  You are truly and completely unrepresented.

I’m standing for those who want to abstain because they feel they have no representation.  I’m standing BECAUSE I want to abstain because I feel I have no representation!

Image result for none voters v votes 2015 uk
showing the huge number of none voters 2015 – in a 2017 campaign to encourage voter turnout

I’m here purely to offer the opportunity to protest.  I’m offering the “None of the Above” vote that should be available.   I am Lady Lily The Pink, None of the Above (or below depending on where I come in the alphabet of candidate surnames)…

So here I am, Lady Lily the Pink.  not a politician, but a middle-aged mother, suffering from night sweats, social anxieties and self-doubt, trying to give voice to those of us who feel the system is failing us.  It’s a mad world at the moment.  There are some unofficial loonies running Westminster.  I think its time that the official Loonies took over the Asylum.

If you don’t know what to think, vote pink.  A vote for insanity always makes sense…

USE YOUR VOTE 12/12/19 #GeneralElection2019

you can help fund my protest campaign by following this link and donating a couple of squid if you can spare them xxxx

if you don’t know what to think, Vote PINK

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