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What is that man doing over there?!

“looks like he’s crushing beer cans with his k**b!”perth 2013 -1

Which of us made this observation is, to me at least, a little vague,  however, this is how the conversation was going and just about sums up our newly found friendship with the wonderful Family Liscoe.  Humour, laughter,  (some) vulgarity, a penchant for a wee dram of the strong stuff,  Impers, fancy dressers, owners of teenage boys….  we have a fair bit of common ground.

The conversation was in relation to a silhouetted man in the tent opposite (from what I remember).  It was quite late in the evening after a couple (!) of small (or should I say ‘wee’) drinkies during our camping experience at Perth Race-course, Scone, for IMP 50. I am still laughing about it.   Incidentally, this was not the same tent as the one in which the chap was holding a large pig captive…..

Anyway, after years of attending Imp nationals and choosing the ‘family area’ so as not to be disturbed, this year we chose central ground because of having teenagers in tow.  This is THE FIRST year, we (or rather me and my rather raucous laugh) were asked – ever so politely by the club chairman, to keep the noise down -ooops – obviously this only made the laughing worse! Sarah – you are a bad influence!

Hillman Husky
Ffloyd – in FAB 1 livery outside my old craft shop “In the Pink”

Needless to say we were all getting on rather well.  And funnily enough the Liscoes had previously been to Llanwrtyd Wells (in 2008) to take part in a spot of World Bogsnorkelling (which, incidentally falls on 25th August this year and I am organising it on behalf of Green Events Ltd) .  Their eldest, and I have to say extremely handsome and gifted son, Sam (no really, I have to, I’m being blackmailed), Sarah and possibly even Rob took part in the WBS Championships & being players of underwater hockey, were particularly good at it too.

They also own several Imps and derivatives thereof.  And, like us, their boys are also Impers with both Sam and Ollie having Imps and I suspect Jake has a (cunning) plan to obtain one.  They had chanced upon Ffloyd in her previous FAB1 guise, outside my (sadly no longer) Powys Creative Crafts shop “In The Pink”.  pink ffloyd

Their Husky is called Kelly.  I think kindred spirits have found each other. Need I say more?

Sarah and 'Mankini Man' at the World Bogsnorkelling 2008
Sarah and ‘Mankini Man’ at the World Bogsnorkelling 2008

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  1. Possibly even Rob??? I may have taken part once or twice… I may even have been the World Champion.

    1. just checking you were listening properly!!!

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