Reasons to visit Wales and Cerdyn Villa

Rose- tinted ramblings

Some time ago I set up this blog with a view to follow the restoration of Ffloyd , my 1968 Hillman Husky,  But as its restoration was kept top secret until the BIG REVEAL nothing happened after the first post.  Anyway, now Ffloyd is home and the world around me is rosy I thought this blog might serve well for my observations, thoughts and general ramblings on the daily life adventures that tend to occur when you live life to the eccentric side of normal and open your heart to the great people, personalities and experiences.  conversations, full glasses, and liaisons that everyday life in a less ordinary environment tend to present.

I may play a bit of catch up over the next few days as the restoration of Ffloyd and the adventures of the Imp National afford a wide collection of memories, laughs and images that I’m happy to share and you may enjoy dipping into

Cerdyn Villa Bed & Breakfast
I am lucky enough to live here – rural, great views, and 10 minute stroll from 3 great pubs!

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  1. Hi Bernie, your home looks wonderful and I can only imagine what colours you will have inside!! I love the colour of the refurbished Imp, sumptuous enough to serve strawberries and ice cream on!!!

    1. now my house is largely autumnal colours. although the kitchen is sea blue and white and the bathroom is cosmic with my whirlpool galaxy stained glass window! Although the guest breakfast room is raspberry – lol x

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