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Real Weddings: Ben & Christina

Ben and Christina by Miriam


Real Weddings: Ben & Christina

I first wrote about Ben and Christina’s wedding after having the absolute pleasure of officiating it for them earlier this year.  I’ve subsequently been sent some of the official photos taken by Christina’s (favourite) cousin, Miriam.

Miriam LeitI loved Miriam, myself, from the minute we met, she was natural, colourful and super relaxed.  Just how Christina needed her wedding photographer to be.  Neither Ben nor Christina like a fuss about them or feel comfortable being the centre of attention.  They are both gorgeous, understated and completely unpretentious.  Their wedding was small and intimate, beautifully natural, full of locally sourced, homemade, home grown and very personal touches.

Just chilling until everyone is ready – what a view!

It was a perfect, relaxed, unscheduled, go-with-the-flow day, where the timings were on a sliding scale, and everything happened exactly when it felt right and with no-one watching a clock.

the happy couple I loved it.  When I put a couple’s date in my diary, I am theirs for that day…

💖If they’re running late, that’s fine by me.

💖If they want to add a speaker, a reading or an entire performance entertainer to the ceremony, that’s fine with me.

💖If they want me to hang around and join them for drinks, hell yeah.

💖If their guests want to chat with me, hug me and share stories, I’m in no hurry.  And everyone knows I love a hug!

💖And if they invite me to join them for their wedding breakfast, I feel very honoured to do so.

The wedding rings were passed around the congregation for them to ‘warm’ with their wishes

I love watching loved up people sharing their ‘happy’.

Here are a few of Miriam’ photos from Ben and Christina’s perfect day

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