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Positive New Years Resolutions ……


I’m beached. I am stuck slumped on the sofa, bloated gut, unable to unfurl, and reading some of my fave bloggers. I’m waiting for the excesses of another ‘eating-as-many-left-overs-before-the-diet-starts’ supper to subside enough to enable me to move again. And I’m sitting here trying not to vomit and feeling thoroughly disgusted with myself…. I’ve just eaten half a carton of Madagascan vanilla custard after a huge bowl of pasta with a four-cheese sauce made with a small portion of the remaining Christmas cheeses.

Then I come across this hilarious but oh-so-true poem by the very funny and talented Dawn of Rhyming With Wine, and I think ‘I feel your pain’.  it begins like this ….

Dear Christmas.

I’m sorry to write you this rhyme,
And it’s breaking my heart but I think that it’s time.

…… and if you follow this link you’ll get to the rest of it, plus (bonus) easy access to more of the poems on her lovely blog.

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to sit at my proper computer and write my personal plan for 2018 but as I can’t shift my lardy butt at the moment I’ll make do with my phone app.

I never, I repeat, never. Never ever. I never do the resolution thing… especially the ones where you stop things, lose things, give up on stuff.  They’re such negative starts to goals.  If I do anything (and I usually don’t), I set a positive challenge.  …go to at least one live music gig a month; organise date days out with Hubby at least twice a month (that’s this years one); but this year I need to incorporate some of those stop/lose/give up things to my goals.  So I need a way to reword them with more positive phrasing.

This is my positive plan to improve my lifestyle and well-being in 2018

  1. FEEL GREAT in my own body by maintaining a healthier diet and staying hydrated
  2. ENJOY LOTS of fresh fish, fruit and vegetables
  3. TREAT myself to a fresh pineapple every week. Make loads of fresh fruit salad to nibble on
  4. ENERGISE – start the day with a protein rich breakfast – its nutritious, lasts longer and is easy peasy as I have my own hens to provide super fresh eggs
  5. SUPPORT my friend and belly dance teacher by turning up to class every week and practicing my shimmying in between.  Remember how happy I am when I’m dancing.
  6. DANCE- go see all the great local live music that is available most weekends near home, and boogie the weekends away
  7. GET MORE fresh air and exercise by planning better to allow myself the 10 minutes to walk to the village rather than jumping in the car.  also far kinder to the planet
  8. ENJOY MORE date days out with Hubby with ROMANTIC country walks in the gorgeous Mid Wales countryside
  9. PLAY MORE. If I want to play in my garden, i shall play in the garden.  I love my garden.  I love digging, weeding, raking.  I give myself permission to spend more time in my own garden

I refuse to set a weight LOSS goal or an inch LOSS target, but with this little set of POSITIVE actions I’m hoping that I’ll be treating myself to some skinny jeans before the year is out.

How do you feel about New Years Resolutions?

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  1. #thesatsesh I love this take on enjoying the fab things life has to offer, rather than wallowing in the misery of cutting out things we enjoy because we feel a certain way about our physical experience, I also adore Rhyming Mums poems 🙂

    1. its all about the angle from which you view things x

  2. Love this! I never set New Years resolutions either but small achievable goals are perfect 👌 I defo need to go on more date nights with the hubby. I’m always out for dinner with friends but never hubs Lol!! 🤣🤣🤣

    1. poor Hubs! I’m also guilty of it… nights away with the girlies, lunches with the girlies, Hubby left at home holding the fort

      1. 😂😂 at least we’re having fun 😂 poor hubs!

  3. Diets are nonsense: slight readjustment of attitude will do it. Sounds like you have it well in hand!

    1. hope so. No doubt I’ll be writing about it in a few weeks

  4. Look at you, making resolutions fun! Love your take and hope that 2018 is a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year for you and the fam! BTW, diets just suck! #thesatsesh xoxo

    1. Thanks Lisa. I don’t do diets but am aiming for a ‘lifestyle’ change..aided by the fact that Hubby wants to do a low carb thing. I’m just making my mums recipe chicken soup right now but i might be naught and make kneidlach to go in it, mum sent me matzo meal… can’t get it in rural Wales

      1. Oh, you just literally took me to my Nanny’s house! A great kneidlach! Enjoy! If you need more it is very accessible here in philly! 😘

      2. i can get it when i visit my mum in Southend. big jewish community there and so the supermarkets have a section. But maybe i should take a trip to Philly anyway….

      3. How cool would that be!

  5. What a fab way of setting resolutions. You’re right, telling ourselves to lose or give up things is really negative so I much prefer your wording. Setting plans for date days etc is definetely the type of resolution I should be setting for myself this year. Lovely post. X #thesatsesh

    1. thank you. Did you set yourself some?

  6. These are some good positive plans, I’d definitely like to get outside more #thesatsesh

  7. Oh wow I love this! These are my type of resolutions. I think January is miserable enough without finding a brocolli shaped stick to beat ourselves with. I love the positive resolutions and thank you so much for all the bloglove! 😘😘😘 Happy New Year to you lovely!

    Ps. Is it wrong that I now really fancy some custard? 😂 xx

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