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My new year wishes to you and yours

So, as we say farewell to 2019, to its greed, hatred, division and destruction. Let us hope that 2019 is the time to be more tolerant,
less wasteful,
more forgiving,
less ego-centric,
more inclusive
less isolating
more understanding
less antagonistic
more in tune with nature
less destructive
more compassionate
less shackled
more enriched
less greedy
more helpful
less selfish
more altruistic
less obsessed
more wholehearted….
let us be more, so much more than the things we own, the clothes we wear,and the job titles we hold
let us be more humane,let us be part of our planet not the destroyers of it
let us be more

May your love be more for people than possessions,
May your joy come from giving rather than receiving
May your health come more from lifestyle than medication
May your happiness come from friendships rather than ownership
May your year be full of good fortune that does not cost the planet, and
May your peace come from the goodness in your heart

With all my heart I wish this for you
Berni xxxxx


Lucy At Home UK parenting blogger

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  1. I love this, Berni! From your words, may it spread like wildfire! Happy New Year! #dreamteam xoxo

  2. Aww Bernie, this has such a lovely sentiment to it. Wishing you a very happy new year and all these wishes back to you in abundance. #DreamTeam xx

  3. What a lovely , thoughtful list. Wishing the same right back to you #blogcrush

  4. Same to you! I really wish this year would bring more of all of these. #Blogcrush

  5. And the same right back to you. The world would be a much better place if we all adhered to your list. Happy 2019, my friend!

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