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Missing in (in)action…


Following my blog earlier today, I have to share this with you. It’s a poem by poet, artist, blogger Cathi Rae ( who blogs over at Rubies &Duels whom I’ve yet to meet in person but have recently been introduce to by one of my very favourite people (whom I also haven’t met…yet), Kate Wheatley of Katyboo1.. both are amazing, unique and highly entertaining. I love a good warts and all blog… their eccentricities, and daily struggles with life are really relatable to me..


I miss just popping to the shops

Packet of fags

Some chocolate

Bunch of tulips for my desk

I miss tulips on my desk

Finally deciding that dead flowers are more depressing than no flowers

I miss tulips


I miss Saturday afternoon second hand record shopping

Swearing that this time we will only buy what’s good

And not those tunes that  reminds us of our youth

I miss coming home

Paul firing up the decks

Playing tracks that remind us of our youth

I miss Paul


I miss Kirsty

I miss coffee cake and cava

I miss conversations about nothing

But where everything gets  said

Even when when there’s silence

Decades of shared history

And yes I miss cake too


I miss being busy

Squeezing every second out of every day

Re-writes done 20 minutes before a gig

Because that’s  the only time that I could find

I miss urgency and panic

Especially when it really wasn’t real

I miss busy


I miss poetry nights

Getting lost in towns

That have no landmarks that make any sense to me

I miss events running late

I miss open mic- ers

Poetry that makes my toes curl

I miss my toes curling


I miss cleaning other people’s houses

Not just the money

But the rhythm and routine of repetitive work

I miss rehearsal space in someone else’s kitchen

I miss the headspace to create

Doesn’t work at home it seems

I miss other people’s houses


I miss hugs

Who knew that the world’s least huggable person

Had need for some human contact

I miss stepping back to keep my body safe

Making a joke of distance

Before it  all became the rage

And yes I miss rage too


I am missing in (in) action

I am missing in action

I am missing

I am



Thankyou for this Cathi x

Feel free to comment