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Loony Toons



You may recognise this building.  It’s The Senedd, or rather the Welsh Assembly Government Building.  In this picture there’s a Nonesense of Loons larking about.  What the hell!!  Yes indeed The Official Monster Raving Loony Party is not only alive and well and loonying its mouth off; BUT, it is standing in the Regional Elections for the Welsh Assembly 2016 .  All  five Welsh regions are represented and YOU can vote for US of you are a resident of Wales, UK on 5th May.

(If you are not already registered to vote and are 18 or over and live in Wales, you have until 18th April to register yourself. .. If you live in Wales but will be away on 5th May you have until 19th May to apply for a postal vote… don’t miss out)

Most excitingly and spectacularly looniliscious is the fact that for the first time EVER , The Loony Party has qualified to have a Party Election Broadcast.  I can imagine this will be the first ever party political broadcast that people will want to watch again and again.  It may go viral.  (Go on, help make it go VIRAL!!!!).  It will be broadcast on ITV Wales and BBC Wales on 13th April 2016…. I suspect then you’ll be able to find it or outtakes and extras across the social media network.  Look out on the Lady Lily the Pink Facebook page or The Loony Party website for links


Anyway – this is me, Lady Lily The ink of the Monster Raving loony Party, (a tad underdressed I know) outside my home with Ffloyd, reminding you All that…

If You Don’t Usually Vote, then Vote Unusually

Welsh Assembly Elections, 5th May 2016

Vote for Insanity, You Know It makes Sense




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