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Life is a journey…

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We’re in Wales by chance /luck /good fortune / lack of constraint / great openmindness / not taking our responsibilities seriously/ taking our responsibilities very seriously…. depends from what mind you view our actions.

I would say that life is about keeping an open mind, and following the heart.  There are so many paths to explore, why fix the route?

I liken it to following a map and road signs rather than SATNAV.  SATNAV takes you from A to B on the quickest or easiest route.  You remain completely oblivious to the places and sights you might only be moments away from.  You just focus on the end goal.  The final destination.  You don’t even read the road signs as you pass them (especially those lovely brown touristy ones and those white ones with weird sounding names of teeny villages and hamlets)

Crossroad signpost saying this way, that way, another way concep

Following the route on a map you might notice points C,E, D…X, Y, Z; just off in the distance that you could easily detour too.  You can see that there is another, slightly more wiggly path that might be an interesting alternative to part of your journey and you can just nip off in that direction for a bit and take in the sights.

I always read the map.


I can be heading along the road of life and I get to a junction.  SATNAV would have me go straight on, but over there to the left of me there’s this really cool looking thing going on, so I whip off along that new route.  Once I’m there I could still head back the way I came, and I might, but from this new position there’s another junction and there are loads of circular routes to explore and even a couple of longer roads and corners to venture down where who knows what might be at the end.  Exciting isn’t it?  Ok so it might be a dead end.  I may have to double back a bit.  But what have I really lost?  I haven’t really lost any time, I’ve used that time to try something or see something and concluded its not for me.  I’ve had an experience.  Hopefully I’ve learned something from that experience…. time will tell.

I still have a destination to reach.  My destination is happiness and fulfillment.  See my children grow with open hearts and minds of their own.  Embrace my grandchildren.  Give back to the planet.  Love and be loved.  Fit in as much happiness for me and those around me as I can before I die.

All our lives are a journey from A to Z . None of us get out of it alive.   So why not explore a little?  We don’t need to take the most direct route.

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  1. #thesatsesh lol nearly just typed #thesatnav…new linky anyone lol.
    So im not a map reader – Im a sat nav chic with a twist, in the car we have one and its fabulously reliable. I have one my ex bought me when they first came out (from a bloke in a pub)….anyway, it ALWAYS lets me down and i bloody love it, the joy that mr nav and the stories / memories are hilarious.
    So, I don’t think it matters which you pick as long as you enjoy the journey.

    1. quite right, good for you… as long as the journey is part of the adventure xxx

  2. So true, never thought about it that way before, but I will now! #thesatsesh

  3. You are so Right! My Hubbie and I were talking about this the other day actually; how our lives have taken many twists and turns along this road of life. It’s ok but my advice; look up and enjoy the journey too. #thesatsesh

  4. I hope I’ve persuaded you in my own little way …some of the side roads are really interesting x

  5. LOVE this post on the journey. I’ve always been a satnav kind of person but out of fear of the unknown. No more. Here’s to more adventures twists and turns. Yippee!! Anita

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