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Keep Calm and ……

I can’t help but think that Corona virus (Covid 19) is Mother Natures way of saying ‘Enough is Enough, You’ve had enough warnings, you’ve done enough harm to the planet. The earth has put up with enough of your selfishness and greed, I’ve shown you the signs of strain,  I’ve given you the opportunity to change,  you’ve ignored it so I’m going to force change upon you”.

I’m sorry if this sounds flippant.  I’m not taking the death and suffering of anyone lightly, I’m just noting that suddenly, because nature has evolved something that may , if not properly handled, kill a large number of people (albeit, Mr Trump/Bojo, a small percentage of the population #eyeroll), we are suddenly finding ways and looking at wellbeing above and beyond growth, and GPR.  With enforced isolation and limited flying, the planet, even in such a short space of time is showing signs of recovery.

ok, so i know the grammar should read ‘fewer’ not ‘less’ but you get the drift

Look how quickly the planet starts repairing when we stop – these satellite images are less than 4 weeks apart, yet the improvements are significant.

And in order to stay viable, larger businesses are finally, properly looking at alternative ways some people can work… working from home, video conferencing etc rather than hopping on and off planes.  Schools and colleges realise that one qualified teacher can teach more children in more areas through technology into either several classrooms and/or homes.  People are beginning to think about growing some of their own vegetables rather than relying on imported goods.  There is more talk already of using local, seasonal products.  I’ve even heard talk about what I have always seen as a ridiculous situation import and export rather than feeding local population.  Why does most of our lamb travel all the what from New Zealand when we could be self-sufficient in lamb.  Why do we have to export some of our dairy to Europe and the Europeans vise versa?  The reason is the maximization of profit.  When it should be sustenance.

I’m actually delighted that we are suddenly being more considerate of the elderly, lonely and already isolated.  I’ve phoned my parents more.  I’ve set up Skype and WhatsApp. And have just (thanks to another friend) set up a ‘coffee break’ session using Zoom so that as a group of friend, some of s whom are self isolating, we can still ‘meet’ for a chat… if it works we’ll be having wine together on Friday…

The arrival of a virus/pandemic wasn’t totally unexpected.  We’ve over used antibiotics for decades creating immunity and resulting in viruses mutating into stronger more damaging forms; we’re over populated in many cities, throwing dirt and pollution into the air we breathe, the water we drink and the soil we grow plants in. Our homes are so clean from the use of antibacterial spray killing 99.9% of all bacteria that only the strongest bacteria survive and have he whole place to themselves!  Our kids don’t do anything remotely dangerous, they have no opportunities to build up immunity.  Anyone over 45 will remember a childhood of eating mud (or at least a sweet or biscuit they dropped on the floor); playing in dirt; scabby knees from falling in playgrounds etc etc.  We can’t get away with that anymore because we no longer have the immunity we used to have. And, it seems, ironically with our super obsession with ‘clean’, that we have forgotten basic hygiene.  Since public information films stopped  so has the practice of washing ones hands (apparently)!!!! Ok maybe I’m being cynical.  But how many men out there, until Covid-19, didn’t think it necessary to wash their hands if they’d only had a wee?… come on, be honest.

It is a very frightening time.  I’m trying not to panic,. At the moment I’m acting all ‘Business as Usual’ despite there being very little, in fact almost no business from the B&B side of my life.  I’m still teaching, still gardening, have offered myself as temporary cover in the local PO as many of the staff are frightened to be customer facing (which i understand), I’ve got stained glass commissions and am still a Celebrant … and will still deliver a service if it’s still going ahead.

Back to the Bed and Breakfast.  Personally I think we’re in an ideal location for someone to take a one or two-week isolation and relaxation vacation.  Our self-contained annex is a perfect spot to rest up , theres facilities to self cater or have breakfast provided WITHOUT having to come into contact with another soul… not even us…But I can understand also the unwillingness to travel, so with all the extra time on our hands why not enter our competition, and when things do eventually return to some new sort of normal , you might have WON a free weekend away.

In the meantime, people, try not to panic, We’re British after all, some of us probably still remember wartime rationing , or the austerity, short hours and bin strikes of the seventies.  We will get through this.  …. probably with the help of our self deprecating humour….

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