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creativitiy through ‘blue sky thinking’ … and copious amounts of beer / wine

So tonight I went along to the weekly builders pint having missed 3 Fridays.  I was SO EXCITED at the idea of an early evening Friday night drink

It’s now midnightish.. I’ve had 5 (i think) large glasses of very easy to quaff malbec.. so i just might be a bit tiddly.  However, i feel i can safely say that our time in our second living room (AKA Neuadd Arms Hotel) was time well spent

After an evening of banter, political debate, drinking; laughter and Loony planning we have discovered the following.  By ‘WE’  that would be me AKA ” Lady Lily the Pink’, my partner “Me’ , Viscount Gaffer, and my ‘minder / cameraman ‘ Me, Reverend Backline Defrocked)

We have a cunning plan

The Welsh Assembly Elections take place on 5th May

The Neuadd Arms Hotel is the spiritual home of Screaming Lord Sutch, and Loony H/Q for Brecon and Radnorshire

There are Mid and West Wales Loonies standing in the Welsh Assembly for a Regional seat, led by Lady Lily the Pink

Loony H/Q , AKA, The Neuadd Armsd Hotel needs a post election party on Saturday 7th May

Call it  “Satisfaction with Every Election”

Invite everyone to wear headgear

Brew a Heart of Wales Election Beer… suggested names:-

  1. Barley Believable
  2. Hoppy to Beer Here
  3. Ale-Ected
  4. Malty Membeer
  5. Sutch A Good I-Beer
  6. Polls-A-Psrty
  7. Thirst Past The Post
  8. R U A Count?
  9. Not Ale Ected
  10. What’s Your Pint?

Make up some Lily the Pink Cocktails

  1. Pick – a – lily
  2. Totally Pinkled
  3. Pink of a Number
  4. Pink as a Newt
  5. The Missing Pink
  6. Lily of the Lavvy
  7. Stinky Pinky Minky Drinky in the Sinky
  8. Lily Lay
  9. Pink Fluffer ( prosecco, marshmallow, angus stura bitters… that pin gin shit…, vodka, umbrella, ribena to taste)
  10. Pinko Commi Fag (vodka, newcastle brown, fresh strawberry and a sparkler… and a spliff_
  11. Lady Flamingo (any drink with a pink feather in it)
  12. Kissing the Pink (strawberry milkshake, vodka, raspberry liqueur, fresh strawberry)

Non-Alcoholic Cocktils

1 Virgin Lily (glass of water)

2. Virgin on the Ridiculous (blackcurrant cordial and water, ice to taste)

And that, my friends , is how three drunken minds on a Friday night work

Lindsay, get to it…  Despite the drink, celebrating and promoting The Monster Raving Loony Party in the Welsh Assembly Election is a great idea for Loony H/Q Brecknockshire

Let’s PARTAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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