Reasons to visit Wales and Cerdyn Villa

Competition Winner!

Competition Winner!

Celebrating 15 years at Cerdyn Villa B&B

So?  Who are our competition winners? On 31st May 2005, Cerdyn Villa opened its doors to its first paying guests and we have since had 15 wonderful years meeting the most fantastic people, making new friends, sharing our home and our surrounding with interesting, unusual, extraordinarily ordinary individuals, couples and families from around the world.  It has been a delight.  We’ve shared the best our wonderful area has to offer, learned so much about so many people and places from those who have visited; enjoyed the repeated company of returning guests; shared in the joy, thjeir holiday and their experiences during their visits.

To celebrate we ran a competition, and then came Covid 19 and wales went into lockdown , along with the rest of the world.  We extended our competition and spent our days mending, improving, decorating, developing our beautiful home and garden.  From 13th July 2020 Wales takes its first tentative steps reopening its borders to visitors.  Therefore, we too are taking our first tentative steps into this ‘new world’ , and partly reopen our B&B to guests.

The Prize:

John and I asked past guest to Cerdyn Villa, and past visitors to Llanwrtyd to get creative in any media about either us, our B&B or their experience of the area.  Our competition winner, wins 2 nights stay with us here at Cerdyn Villa.

So we can declare, as promised, at the end of lockdown, our COMETITION WINNER!

Well done to our competition winner SHELLEY HEMSLEY, we love this poem about your experience at The World Bog Snorkelling in 2019, and the accompanying photos you shared.

BogSnorkelling – Conflicting Opinions

When I first discovered BogSnorkelling, I couldn’t believe my luck,

Fancy dress, snorkel, Swimming up and down in muck!

I was very excited, I had no fear of what lies beneath,

But my girlfriend, she wasn’t happy, she’d rather pull out her own teeth.

Its morning the air is so cold & misty, just like my partners mood.

Let’s go, “it’s far too early” but to be late would be so rude.

Registration was easy we were almost the first in line,

Fancy Dress on, Snorkel and Flippers ready, it was nearly our time.

The shark stepped forward towards Bog 1, nerves suddenly appear,

In I slipped, the water so cold, surrounded by spectators full of cheer.

The countdown began, the timer was started, just 2 lengths of the Bog,

All I could hear was my breathing and the faint cheers from the crowd and a dog.

No visibility, it’s so murky, imagine swimming in thick Pea Soup,

Bits of weed, lots of mud, water going through your hair like goop.

Arms down my side, leg power alone, my shoulders kept hitting the side,

Half way, touch the post before heading back, the rules we must abide.

The atmosphere is electric, Shark is almost home, head up to see the finish Post,

Stand up, “what’s my time” look at girlfriend, big smile, it’s time to boast.

Supergirl is up, apprehension a plenty, its ok babe, I’ve made it out alive,

What you doing, you’re supposed to slide in the water, you’re not allowed to dive!

She’s off with her crown in tack but there’s a problem, she’s taking in water,

Oh no I’m gonna get the blame, she’s already saying I shouldn’t have brought her.

She’s half way, talking to the marshal, she’s gutted there not stopping her there,

She’s got to suffer another length, still drinking the bog, it’s rough, weed in her hair.

She’s done, she’s finished, Crown adrift, Supergirl costume still intact.

However you feel babe, you’re an official BogSnorkeller now, that my lady is a Fact!

I have done some bizarre things in my time, this is now in my official top ten.

Next year we are back to try the Alternate Games and Bogsnorkelling dressed as a Hen.

Is the girlfriend returning for another pop, am sure you all want to know,

Of course, she loved it, bog water did her good I’ll have you know!


Competition Winners Shelley Hemsley & Debbie Blountready to bog snorkel

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