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Busy doing nothing…

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I was thinking the other day about how I spend my time.  People are always exclaiming about how much I do, which always surprises me because I’m always amazed by how much time I do nothing!!!  Perhaps I’ve perfected the art of looking busy?!  I do, admittedly, do a lot of different things.  I co-run our B&B so obviously ironing, cleaning, cooking and entertaining guests are up there, but let’s be honest, there are zero guests between Xmas and Easter so I can’t really play that card on the business front.  I also garden for a handful of people as well as manage my own garden, but again there’s not really a lot to do from Dec to March.  Even when I am doing both of these jobs it really is only in 2 hour stints for any one thing.  Then there’s a few shifts in the local cafe’ and there’s stained glass commissions and the odd request for a painting, and of course making a few stock items for sale in local outlets and in my Etsy store.  Mostly I fill my time with things that are important to me but not money earners.  …. Blogging, I mean I love it, writing them and reading them, but I don’t make an income from it.  Maintaining a social media presence; ok so I’ll tell you it’s to promote my art and craft, or B&B but really it’s because I love chatting.

I think I am mostly adept in my life at: (a) Being sociable and (b). Being completely anti-social and unwinding in front of Netflix (or catch up TV or real-time TV or YouTube videos, etc).  So watching TV (take a look at the 4k led TV Panasonic.) is high up there on my life balance, mental wellbeing and relaxation front.  There is nothing quite like a warm cosy living room, a comfy sofa, some proper mood lighting and a high quality sound and picture TV

Most evenings mid-week are spent watching a spot of TV, normally I’m half watching, half multitasking on my social media platforms (hello my lovely Tweeps and FB friends).  But what I love the most is a binge watching session of my latest favourite Netflix series.  And the very best and most fave time to do this is on a Saturday evening cwtched up (that’s the Welsh form of a cuddle only much better 😉 ) on the sofa with my gorgeous hubby surrounded by all the naughty weekend treats we don’t allow ourselves (well not often anyway), during the week.  I’m talking tubes of Pringle’s (although other salty savoury snacks are available); bars of Aldis Rum and Raisin or Creamy Dark Chocolate; tubs of excessively indulgent ice-cream.  I mean has anyone ever in the history of ice-cream eating ever only eaten half a tub of Magnum Double Choc Deluxe and put the rest back in the freezer for another evening (by the way if you have you are probably no friend of mine; it’s just not natural!)

Anyway I thought I might share with you the most recent half-dozen series we’ve lost ourselves in and then maybe, just maybe, you lovely folks in Blogland, Twitterdom and Facebook World, might share with me your recommendations, because lets face it, there’s so much to choose from and I don’t want to spend all my valuable time-wasting just adding things to ‘My List’; I want to spend it absorbed in the best possible binge watching.

Skins – for me this was seriously addictive viewing.  British writing and acting at its best.  Dealing with difficult subjects and teen strife.  Very observant, extremely touching, sometimes troubling.  Could not put it down.  True of all 7 series

Russian Doll – what a weird little American comedy drama this was – somewhat surreal.  8 episodes series 1

Sense8– sci-fi drama based on a differently evolved generation of human who are  connected telepathically across lives and countries.  24 episodes.

OA – Iwould describe this as a sci-fi drama /thriller.  obsessive research scientist gone bad, woman reappearing after being missing for 7 years, people who can come back to life after dying. Two series of 8 episodes each

Jessica Jones – surprisingly enjoyed this because I’m not a comic book or Marvel fan, but these Netflix original series were more private eye stories than anything and I was hooked on both series.  Each had 13 episodes

After Life – OMG! Six fantastic 20-30 minute episodes written and acted by Ricky Gervais.  Fabulous cast of amazing British comedians.  I howled with laughter, sobbed with tears and felt totally connected to the characters.  I watched all six episodes back to back making it like a long movie. I did this twice in the same week.

So there you have it; basically I’m a lazy bugger who loves cuddling on the couch and binge-watching great TV.  Please, share your recommendations , I’d hate to have nothing to watch xxxxx



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  1. I love Sense 8! It was one of my favorite Netflix shows. Just so well done in my opinion and the story just grabs you. I have seen Jessica Jones and all of the Marvel Netflix shows. i am a marvel fan though so that’s no surprise but I do like the way the Netflix series does these stories. #AnythingGoes

    1. Berni Benton says:

      Thanks for commenting. i’m just getting into The Punisher now

  2. Even after reading your post where you write that you don’t do a lot, I still think you get a lot done! You must have a lot of energy!

    1. Berni Benton says:


  3. I love binge watching tv series! #ABitOfEverything

  4. I love learning about new to me series. Thank you. Visiting you from the blogger club uk link up. laurensparks.net

  5. I’ve always wanted to run a B&B, it’s my dream to get out of working for a corporation where so much time is unproductive. When I was on maternity leave I practically watched all of Netflix but I never get time now. Have you seen Orphan Black, based on the above you might like it

    1. Berni Benton says:

      Thanks , its now on my MUST WATCH LIST xx

  6. Your ‘not doing much’ sounds like a lot to me! I’m the queen of not doing much, but then I don’t ever seem to get as much time to watch tv. Probably because I have kids and by the time they are in bed, I’m just about ready to flake out myself. I really must watch After Life though, I’ve heard so much about it. Also, my daughter (the grown up one) had me watching all the Black Mirror episodes which were a bit weird.

    1. Berni Benton says:

      I tried watching some Black Mirror – gave me nightmares!!!

  7. Well you must be the most active lazy person I have come across: Of your list, I have only seen the OA (which we absolutely loved) and the first episode of the Ricky Gervais thing, which looks promising. #ABitOfEveryhting

    1. Berni Benton says:

      Thanks Enda x
      I’m not lazy. I’m just not as busy as I like everyone to think i am 🙂

  8. Haha If you’re lazy then I am too. I have older kids , so we’re spending lots of time binge watching Marvel and Glee at the moment – not to everyone’s taste but the perfect excuse to cuddle up together on the sofa 🙂

    1. Berni Benton says:

      Anything you can watch as a family is great. I’d probably love Glee but Hubby would not x

  9. Tracey A Abrahams says:

    I have very recently got into Dexter, so my lazy tv days are spent binge watching that. It keeps me occupied while waiting for the next episode of GoT


    1. Berni Benton says:

      LOVED DEXTER!!! binge watched all of them x

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