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A Nonsense of Loons… or is it a Hopelessness,; an Asylum; or a Silliness…

A nonsense of Loonies

What is the collective name for a gathering of official loonies?  It is a proposal on which we are yet to decide  and you can make your suggestion in the poll at the end of this blog…

All the main Parties have been holding their annual conferences and for the Loonies it was no exception,  theirs (ours)  was however, as you might expect, a tad more exceptional!
The first National party conference to be held in Wales , The Monster Raving Loony Party chose its Radnorshire H/Q of the Ridgebourne Inn in Llandrindod as its host for this, its 30th.

Lord Offa of the Dykes – organiser of the 30th OMRLP Conference

Spanning Friday 26th – Sunday 28th September, this years conference was organised by their Radnorshire candidate, Lord Offa of the Dykes (AKA Chris Rogers of HabitFormed Records, Llandrindod). The party don’t like anyone to miss out so select a different venue every year ensuring followers from all over the UK get a chance to have their say.
The late Sir Patrick Moore quite rightly pointed out the Monster Raving Loony Party had an advantage over all the other parties, in that they knew they were loonies. How insightful!

Our Leader , Howling Laud Hope with other members including Baron Barnes Von Clap Trap, Sir Dangerous Dave, The Lord’s Drummer’s Daughter, Nigel Knapp and various BUMS

This year the conference did not disappoint.  I can’t say it was the best , as it’s the first I’ve attended, but I can say it was momentous, surreal and exactly as outrageous as I’d expected

some ‘Cabinet Reshuffling’ !
Leader, Holing Laud Hope and Gower Loonies Leader, Baron Barnes Van Clap Trap still in the Cabinet!

Members and supporters from around the UK joined the conference which included a Leaders Address from long-standing (15 years) and uncontested party leader Howling Laud Hope (Alan Hope); a full cabinet reshuffle (cabinet obtained from local charity shop for the princely sum of £15 British Pounds); a meet and greet town walk (Pub Crawl) which took in every hostelry in Llandrindod plus opportunities to experience the party’s parties and meet/join discuss points of interest (Party piss up).

Alan reminded us of 3 bi-elections in which OMRLP stood this year, plus the fact that in its 30 years and between its 28 candidates not one, to date, has ever retained his/her deposit!  He also pointed out that in May, if we have enough candidates standing in Wales – and it looks like we will, we too will be entitled to a Party Political Broadcast… watch this space.

Emma Whoo-Hoo, Lady Lily of the Pink and THe Lord’s Drummer’s Daughter outside The Llanerch
Me and Alan Hope Inn the Ridgebourne beside the commemorative plaque acknowledging my official opening of the location of the Radnorshire H/Q






Anyway; there was a good turnout; I was there as my alter-ego,Lady lily of the Pink; in recognition of the affinity the Party has to Brecknockshire; Screaming Lord Sutch (David Sutch) played his last ever gig at The Neuadd Arms Hotel (Brecknokshires party H/Q). Also in attendance were some Gower Loonies including their leader,Baron Barns Von ClapTrap (David Barnes), Sir Dangerous Dave (Vice Leader); the Rochdale Loonies, the Manchester Loonies, Lincolnshire, the Gower Loonies, Birmingham, Derbyshire, Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey and Blackpool plus a very strong contingent of various other Welsh members, (including several more from Llanwrtyd – Eccentricity Capital of the World !). And the icing on the brightly sprinkled cake were the B.U.M.S, or Border Urban Morris Side from Monmouthshire.

Sir Dangerous Dave, busking outside the Log Cabin, Llandrindod
the proud owner of my copy of “19 trax of Utter Shit” – cannot believe I forgot to get it signed!

The weekend was  full of joviality and music with great sounds from The Big Fibbers (songs including ‘Valerie Singleton Saw Him Naked’ and Chris Heath, AKA “Badaxe” (latest Cd “19 Trax of Utter Shit” on Friday night, with Gripper and the Gurnards featuring BB Black Dogs ‘Dale Rowles’ & Molly along , ‘The Hurricanes’ featuring Zak, OJ and Jason still in their teens, on the Saturday night. Guest musicians also included Georgia Price and Tyler Cuddy as well as great jam sessions both nights until the wee small hours with our friends the BUMS.. Heres a bit of the live music – Tyler, Jason, Zak

So Loon, Wannabee Loons, Closet Loons – if you want a Party that knows how to Party , then why not Join The Party…. VOTE FOR INSANITY, YOU KNOW IT MAKES SENSE

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