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Thinking back… away with the faeries

At this time of year, I tend to take time to reminisce.  Ususally I sit down and compose some sort of annual review in the form of a ’round robin’ to send to elderly relatives who don’t follow facebook.  Obviously any of you who follow me , know every good and bad meal I’ve ever eaten 🙂
I am a prolific FBer.  I wear my heart on my sleeve and I am far from shy when it comes to expressing my views on those taboo subjects of religion and politics.

All my posts are public so if you don’t already look in on me, you are very welcome! (FB: Bernice Benton or Twitter: @berni_benton)  I just don’t see the point of hiding it, I’m not ashamed of any of it.  Everyone knows when I’m suffering from anxiety or having trouble with some corporations customer service (or lack thereof).  Its no secret that I oppose bombing Syria; am incredulous to the elitist politics we are suffering in the hands of David Cameron; despair at the ineptitude, greed and immorality of our bankers, politicians and tax dodging corporations ; am a devout atheist; love satire and politically/religiously incorrect humour; and enjoy much of the eccentric and alternative.    Its also no secret that I love and am so proud of my partner, John of 21 years and our son Jason who recently turned 18.

I’m not writing a round robin this year, although life has been great for the Crompton/Benton household and life in the stix of Mid Wales continues to be my salvation. There is too much going on outside our safe haven to begin to put pen to paper.  However I did come across these photos.  In 2011 I was suffering very badly from anxiety and panic attacks.  Everything fell away, I had to stop work and I hid at home not able to leave. My sanity was largely held in tact through planning a garden party.  My friends and family and their support and enthusiasm made a bad year into a great special memory.  This fairy glen, and we, in our glorious empyreal costumes at mid-summers solstice in a Midsummer Nights DreamMidsummer party 2011 (22) CIMG1766 midsummer nights dream



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