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Suicide Prevention: Papyrus and their Hopeline.

Suicide Prevention: Papyrus and their Hopeline.

Did you know that suicide is the largest cause of death amongst the under 35s?  I didn’t and I was shocked when I found out.  As a parent I worry greatly about the mental wellness of my young people and their friends.  Throughout their time at university, we would hear of suicides on campus.  During Covid we heard of suicides because of isolation.  With the current economic climate, job market and cost of living crisis we read of suicides out of despair and hopelessness.

Life is so pressured.  Young people, I believe, are more pressured now than ever before, social media has often not helped.  Online bullying, fake news, unrealistic goals to aspire to.  The 24/7 bombardment of life ‘highlights’ that can give you the impression that everyone is doing better than you are.

Twice, in June, I have come across Papyrus, a wonderful charity focused on the prevention of young suicide that I was unaware of previously.  I see that as a sign that I should talk about it and promote it more.

The first meeting was whilst at the SAIF meeting earlier in June (which I wrote about in my last blog post). The National President of SAIF, Jo Parker’s chosen charity for her year in office, is Papyrus (Prevention of Teenage Suicide).    I was delighted that the event had a raffle to raise money for Papyrus, and am even more delighted that they have a means for us all to support her charity of choice. Simply us Jo’s Just Giving page via the QR code or this link:  https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/saif2022-23


The second time was a couple of weeks later.  I met local representatives Ellie and Millie whilst attending the first ever Llandovery Pride, they had a stall in the market square.  I have arranged to meet up with them again and find ways we can work together within our local community.  Maybe I will invite them to my next Life and Death matters Coffee Morning.

If you have been affected by this post or know of someone who may find this useful.  Please reach out.

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