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Micro Weddings

Small weddings, micro weddings, elopements… saving money, saving stress, focusing your energies on an intimate celebration of your love unity and commitment.

Lets start with the differences

An elopement is generally done in secret,  Its usually just the couple but possible 2-4 witnesses too.

A micro wedding is smaller than a small wedding!  Its generally considered micro if its under 20 guests.

A wedding is considered ‘small’ if the guest count is less than 60.  People also refer to these as intimate weddings.

I would count micro weddings and elopement as seriously intimate!  And I love them.  So much so, I set up my own micro wedding/elopement venue at my home in mid Wales.

The concept is becoming a growing trend.  After all the upset , restrictions and cancellations over the 2 years of covid, many couples realised the benefits of simplifying it and paring back the guest list.

The obvious benefits are

Huge financial savings

Far less stressful

…and so much easier to organise

But there are loads of other benefits

micro wedding in the garden at Cerdyn Villa

💖More time to spend focusing on the two of you.  After all , it’s all about your love and commitment and you will only have eyes for each other anyway 😜

💖Much easier to personalise the space to suit your personalities.   Quite often a micro venue will come as a blank canvas with far less restrictions and you can decorate it however you want (certainly true here at Cerdyn Villa!!!!)

💖Much easier to find a date that everyone can make

💖More time to to spend with your guest.  How many people who have BIG celebrations comment afterwards that there were people they didn’t manage to talk to?!

💖Less people staring and you (especially great if you hate being the centre of attention or speaking in public)

💖It’s much easier to find a venue too, and have exclusive use.  There are plenty of places (including mine) that will offer you all inclusive, very affordable and flexible packages, and here, at Cerdyn Villa, the celebrant is on site too (that’ll be me!)

💖Another great thing is that you can keep or break with some or all traditions.  First dances, cake cutting, that sort of thing.  Swap, sit down catering for a BBQ,  Have a sing along around a camp fire, go for a swim in the lake or river!!!  Whatever takes your fancy.

💖Very, very romantic

champaign and grazing box for a romantic night in the Cwtch Hwtch

You might guess, that as The Alternative Celebrant I’m a lover of a ‘no-rules’ approach, even if you’ve never read  the bit ‘About Me’

If you want to find out more about my own little micro wedding venue (also perfect for elopements, and vow renewals) then pop over here or even contact me for a no obligation chat about your unique and wonderful celebrationgoth, micro wedding at Cerdyn Villa, photo by Ann Seymour


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