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Meet June….

Meet June.  Ever since we met, she has been a bit of a hero of mine.

Meet June
Meet June

Inspirational in her life-style choices; her self-style choices and her wonderful attitude to life. She’s also my fellow (the Queen, in fact) Bog Frog.  and since last night, I declare her the wisest of the wise.

I quote:
“I wonder if Lindsay would consider converting the Neuadd Arms into an old people’s home?  He’d just need to add a stair lift and a few walk in showers.  It has everything we need.  All the people we like, good food and our favourite beer and live music”

Now there IS a plan for us all as we become eccentrically old but less than infirm ….

Wonder if it’s a goer?

Hope you don’t mind me writing this June.  Some ideas are just too good.

Happy Residents of the Neuadd OAP Home
Happy Residents of the Neuadd OAP Home


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  1. Let me know when I can book my place in the old folks home

    1. i believe we all have preferencial reservations…

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