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This year will mark the first time that an annual Party Conference for a national party has taken place in Mid Wales.  Not only does that make it pretty special, but it also provides a damned fine excuse to partaaay!
screaming lord sutchThe Monster Raving Loony Party, under its founder and original leader,  Screaming Lord Sutch, had a particular affinity with this area: with his unique personality, penchant for rock n roll (remember The Savages?) and a liking for a sociable get together; he opted for regional HQs in his favourite drinking holes.

behind the bar of Neuadd Arms - proof that this is the official HQ of MRLP
behind the bar of Neuadd Arms – proof that this is the official HQ of MRLP
thats quite a codpiece you have there m'lord!!
that’s quite a cod-piece you have there m’lord!!

Within Powys, we have The Neuadd Arms Hotel for Brecknockshire and The Ridgebourne Inn  for Radnorshire.  Radnorshire also has its very own Loony representative, in the form of Lord Offa of the Dykes.

My alter-ego "Lady lily of the Pink"
My alter-ego “Lady Lily the Pink”

And whilst I don’t stand, I remain happy to represent Loonies in the Brecknockshire area under my alter ego of Lady Lily the Pink.

Current leader of the Party, Alan Hope, is bringing the annual party conference to its Radnorshire home, offering all us loonies (both those lauding it out in the open and you closet types 😉 ), the chance to enjoy a weekend with our alter ego(s).

yes, you really are the leader - don't look so surprised!
yes, I really am the leader – don’t look so surprised!

To this end, and until after the Conference I officially declare myself on FB by my alter ego, AKA Lady Lily the Pink.

If, like me, you too have an alter-ego or would like to create one in celebration of all things alternative; then why not go ahead.  If you have FB, start by adding an alternative name.  Then having found your inner Loony, why not join the reveries?  You don’t need to join the OMRLP to join in the fun.  Just come along and explore your Loony side amongst friends, in Llandrindod Wells, 26th – 28th September at the Monster Raving Loony Conference.

There’ll be loads of great live music courtesy of Lord Offa and Habit Formed Records), plenty of beer swilling, joviality, laughter, a spot of Morris Dancing and plenty of alter-egos.  I guarantee a friendly and welcoming weekend.    And… of course… you can witness a full on Cabinet Reshuffle…


so come on, release your inner Loon and join us for a PARTY …



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  1. I do love this one:):) Thank you. Janet.

    1. thanks – we all love to celebrate our quirks don’t we 🙂

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