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I’m Ready… And… Relax. Merry Christmas

Smug alert…

It’s only 20th December but I’ve finished all my shopping (including food), all my posting (including a rather uplifting round robin for the oldies and technophobes who don’t know my every move because of social media), AND, all my wrapping.

I’ve shopped locally, bought British, artisan and crafty where I could and even made a few gifts myself.

I have two small stained glass commissions to finish and feel confident that WILL happen tomorrow.

So. ‘cheers’. I’m rewarding myself by writing this blog in the bath.
I haven’t babbled from my bathtub for a while. Remember the bolognaise incident? Well that rendered me pretty much unable to soak for about four weeks. I am pleased to report that I am almost completely healed.


I’ve brought my (extremely large) Bailey’s once with me. I’ve lit candles, including a couple of gorgeous Yankee Candles I received for my birthday, and I am wallowing in smug self-satisfaction.

I’m so ahead of myself I even made tonight’s supper yesterday because I forgot we were out at a pre-Christmas dinner party… Ok so I’m not totally in control of everything!…. But at least we didn’t eat it and then remember we were going out!

So ready or not, I shall happy soak here in the possibly ignorant belief that I have this year’s festivities under control…

…just hoping the doorbell doesn’t ring and I end up realising I’ve arranged a pre festivities soiree chez nous for tonight….

Merry Christmas you lovely lot in Blogland. May your Christmas be joyous, relaxing and full of love . I may see you again before 2018 but who knows with my random ramblings 😘

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  1. Ooh you are organised!! As you’ve probably realised from how late this comment is, I’m not organised at all, ha!! Hope you had a fantastic Christmas, thank you for linking this to #DreamTeam!

  2. It’s so good when you finally get done isn’t it! Merry Christmas #DreamTeam

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