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I’m more “It’s a Wonder” than ‘Wonder Woman’ these days

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Is it wrong that I’ve spent approximately 80% of January in my dressing gown and slippers?

My general apathy and loss of motivation has left me with self loathing and depression. The less I do the more effort doing even the smallest thing is.

I’ve barely glanced in a mirror. I did today… I look like Crystal Tips has stuck her finger in an electric socket!

I did actually put some clothes on earlier today and venture into the garden to clean out the chicken house. Only because we are heading on a family visit in a couple of days and someone else is looking after them, and the state of their home was a serious embarrassment. Anyway the resultant shit shovelling and hair shock drove me to a long soak in the bath. I was there over an hour. Read a book. Did a crossword (started one, my brain couldn’t muster many answers), and stuck a colour through my hair. When I got out, mid afternoon, I refound comfort in my dressing gown and slippers and plonked myself back in front of the tv.

At 10:3am, I’m still in bed. I say to hubby “I suppose I’d better get up and do nothing somewhere else in the house”….

His response? “stay there if you want, better than you having access to the world when you’re not ready”!!!!! 😂

True, anything could happen… last time stuff got broken….

I guess there are some months you just have to forgive yourself. You can’t always be kick-ass.

I’ll summon up my inner Lynda Carter and go back to being Wonder Woman in February…..


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  1. Cocooning is great.I try to do it every Sunday. #Mixitup

  2. oh this is so me, that’s why going out last week – twice- resulted in a weekend in my pjs in front of the tv. I’m not much of a fan of February either…way too cold, I’m looking forward to spring. x

  3. January is a good time for cocooning. Hugs to you:-)

  4. The emotional as well as physical comfort of dressing gowns and slippers is seriously underrated – and together are way more comfortable than Wonder Woman’s restrictively tight underwired and boned satin swimsuit thing… sending big hugs your way 🙂 x

    1. Berni Benton says:

      Ha! Thanks Ruth… Very true… anything without underwire is a blessing 😉

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