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Community Project – progress report

A few weeks ago I wrote about this amazing community stained glass project I’m helping to run:-

It’s now the end of our 3rd six-week block and there is only one more block to go. We’re all excited at the pace of the project but also sad at the thought it will soon be over.

This is where we are now:-

Community Stained Glass Project – progress at week 18

However, like I said before, its more than just a community class.  Friendships have blossomed; confidence has been built; laughter has filled the air; stresses have been relaxed; bonds have been forged; support has been shared.

Our first group consisted of 14 people, 2 left due to commitment at the day of the first block and 8 more joined for the second.  So by week seven we had 20.  Only 1 left after that, 4 more joined. We are now 23.  Next week we start our final block. I think we will be 26 plus us teachers. Eleven of these ladies have been with us since the beginning of January.

Many have taken up stained glass as a long-term hobby.  Several have gone as far as finding a spare room in their home and buying all the kit.  So who knows, as well as new skills and new hobbies, possibly even new livelihoods,

As a group we have shared our strengths and supported each other through weaknesses and doubt.  We have recognised and enjoyed new friendships, formulated new working associations; started new voluntary and community projects for after this one; a social project is developing as a result; business opportunities have come through our networking.

Myddfai Hall gains from the regular custom; we generally have dinner together after class. Visitors to the centre have been delighted and astounded by the achievements to date.  Photos have been taken and word has spread (possible across continents!).  Many visitors want to return to see it in situ.  This project is strengthening Myddfai’s reputation as an enterprising, cohesive and supportive community. Its impact in its location in the Brecon Beacon, far outways its size (population c300),  This is a village that has worked together to create a community and has created a strength, a business and an extended family as a result.  It is truly a cohesive and loving community.

The enthusiasm for the class is such that most arrive much earlier than the official start time to ‘get going’ and many don’t leave until way after the official finish.  Pretty much everyone has taken something home to work on.  Everyone has made enormous progress and managed to make several pieces for themselves (or their friends and family).

It has become a social club that participants anticipate with delight each week.  They want it to continue after the project is done.  That’s fantastic news,. I guess will have to come up with a plan to carry on just for fun……


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  1. Can only second what Jane has said. Can’t imagine life without meeting everyone for glass work, coffee, cake and comeradery. Please can we get together and agree what’s needed to ensure this group has the opportunity to continue. Well done Bernie and Lesley, not just for what you’ve helped amateurs create but for just being the most amazing, inspirational and lovely people. You should be really proud of yourselves and the Trustees if Myddfai Community Hall should be thankful that they have you to fulfil such an amazing project. Sue xx

  2. I can whole heartedly say this has been one of the best moments of my life, I love the class and seeing our project taking shape fills us all with such pride, to be part of this community project is truly amazing! The new friendships I have made and the chat and support we all get and give to one another is the best ever! Berni and Lesley are the most encouraging and supportive teachers in the world, you have given us all so much confidence to be able to do this…we all love you heaps! Thank You!!!! The staff at Myddfai Community Hall are so welcoming and the food is lovely and the gifts that are for sale are quite unique…as is the Myddfai Community! Just shows what can be achieved with the dedication, commitment and hard work of some great people! Please don’t let this class end! Jane xx

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