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A Party Political Statement on Behalf of The Official Monster Raving Loony Party( by Lily Pink )- Brecon & Radnor By-election

Eccentic Berni Benton

If you don’t know what to think, Vote PINK!

So listen up, this may come as a surprise to you, but I’m not really a politician.  I know right?! Revelation!

I’ve been working hard, from my home office, to get the by-election campaign moving (pic attached, PHOTO CREDIT : Pip Morison)
…i can tell you, its been a bit of a strain…

To be fair I shouldn’t have to be here, I don’t want to have to be here and I wouldn’t be here, if I felt we had a representative, functioning system of governance.  Our political systems have become such a joke that the Loony Party is almost redundant… I mean, my goodness, we’re supposed to be the Loonies! Leave us to what we’re good at and you lot do the serious shit! What’s going on in the UK!

I’m here to ask (I’d beg but at my age I don’t do kneeling very often), I’m asking you to vote.  And I’ll be honest, I don’t care how you vote, you don’t have to vote for me, I’m not even sure if I’ll vote for me (!) that’s how Loony I am (believe me!).  What’s important to me is that more people go to the polls and they put a cross in a box; or draw a male appendage in one; (apparently that counts as long as you keep it within the lines).

Anyway, as I said, we all need to use our democratic privilege and vote.  Politicians love huge groups of people not voting. Warning!  I’m about to delve into the realms of sensible Loonyism here, try not to get bored or be too shocked, this is quite an important point. I man, think about it, if only wealthy capitalists voted then what incentive is there for politician of any party to make policies to benefit or care for anyone but them…. other than moral duty, but I believe that by the time politicians get as far as the upper echelons of Westminster they have their morality centre surgically removed, enabling them to concentrate on being solely self serving, and working purely for the longevity of the power of their party , irrespective of the needs and crises of the nation as a whole.

If I was being really serious here I’d quote JFK and say “(Their) duty is not merely the preservation of political power, but the preservation of peace and freedom.  But I’m not so I won’t bother.

The problem is a large proportion of the populous are completely bored to tears and disinterested in politics.  It’s lost credibility.  They feel

Of course I’m not posing, I always sit like this! (and before you ask, the chair was already broken, bloody cheek!). Photo Credit : Tilly Twitcher

whoever they vote for and whatever they offer goes out of the window once they’ve got the job title and are on the payroll. It’s all self-servitude (I’m repeating myself but this has become my favourite horrible word) and, of course, self preservation.  They play and live by a different set of rules.  If they’re entitled to free TV licences we should all have one free.  If it were up to me I’d issue everyone with a free duck house and a trouser press.

Also there have been so many damned elections in recent years, Scottish Independence, Welsh Assembly, Local, General, Brexit Referendum, B&R Recall Petition and now this By-election; and if you’re a Tory, then a leadership election too.  Then there’s likely to be another General Election, A Peoples Vote etc etc.   Yawn, yawn. I think maybe we should add “issuing of sleep masks and pjs to all” to our Manicfesto.  It’s a chore to drag yourself to the polls, or fill in the form for a postal vote, I understand that, but I’m here to urge everyone to do so.  Let’s get a decent representation.  If our fraudulent (as found in a court of law) Tory gets in again, let’s make sure it’s because the majority of the electorate wanted it, not half of a third.  Likewise Tom Davies of the Labour Party (unlikely but these are strange times, Sorry Tom); or we get Jane Dodd, after all the Libdems have never wavered on their remain agenda and have historically served the B&R communities very well with their local policies (in my humble opinion).  Even Des Patterson here.  The poor Brexit voters.  Three years of in/out/shake it all about, to get us precisely nowhere, other than billions of pounds worse off whilst lining the expense claims and pockets of ‘specialists’ to solve it. Plus leaving the economy in a state of turmoil.  We really should have called in Noel Edmunds years ago,  he’s an expert at Deal or No Deal.  Bish Bosh open the Box (ffs!).  Markets never like uncertainty and we’ve had 3 yrs of it and are still none the wiser.  Ok, so Des is the only candidate here offering a Leave agenda, but once Brexit is over, has he really got any policies for the region and our communities?

Brecon & Radnor, by-election campaign, running on Loony Juice. Photo Credit: Tilly Twitcher

And therein lays the problem.  So many people out there are confused or fed up.  They don’t trust the system; they don’t trust the politicians; and they don’t have to vote. We’re democratic, we have the choice to.  So many people probably won’t.

They need a None of the Above on the ballot paper.  Spoiling a ballot paper is pointless, nobody cares.  Staying at home is cosy and snugly but again none of this lot cares.  I care.  I really do, I think it’s so important to have a decent representation. Not that any of you should care what I want but I want you to get out and vote.  I want you to be able to register your discontent.  If you don’t like any of the others then I am giving you the chance to have a None of the Above..  I am None of the Above, I am not a politician.  I am a Loony.  It’s official.  I am an Official Monster Raving Loony.   I am Lady Lily the Pink and I am NONE OF THE ABOVE

Please, don’t not vote, vote for whoever you like. I don’t care who you vote for but I care that you chose to vote.  Make a statement, take a stand.  Go to the polls on the 1st August.

If you don’t know what to think, Vote PINK

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