Celtic Heart, Celtic Knot


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Stained Glass Celtic Heart Knot

Handmade, stained glass Celtic heart knot

Each stained glass Celtic heart knot is handmade to order  As such they can be made in different colours of your choosing .

size: approx 12 cm tall.

Can be hung by chain or ribbon

Textures and colours will often vary slightly as no two sheets of stained glass are the same.  Also, the stems and leaves are free cut (not to pattern).  As they are handmade,  each celtic heart they will vary slightly .  Stained Glass Celtic Heart/Knots make  great gifts for any occasion; Mothers Day , Birthday; St David’s Day ; Anniversary; Engagement.


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About the Artist

Bernice Benton is a stained glass artist working from her home based studio at Cerdyn Villa B&B. Specialising in creating one off designs for windows and doors and a selection of window art from stained glass to her own designs inspired by nature, her on rural setting and the night sky.
Berni offers design only services; design and drawings to scale; design and make services.
From her home studio in the tranquillity of her rural and picturesque surrounds she now runs weekend retreats to teach stained glass to beginners.
Berni also teaches community projects and private classes outside of her home


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