About  Rose-Tinted Ramblings…

My blog initially began as a bit if a (not so) private journal.  It was, and still is, me rambling on! Anything that pops into my head.  In fact it was a way of mind-dumping; downloading the swirling thoughts in my head.  It is supposed to be candid, honest, revealing and a celebration of the fact that we are all ordinarily extraordinary.

I love the name, Rose Tinted Ramblings, however, I have to be honest, and as such, not all the posts are as rose-tinted as they were initially intended.  They are however all very real, and I hope that by writing them I enable some of you to realise that swinging emotions, mental health issues, imposter syndrome, and lifes challenges are not uniqyw.  We all have our battles, our deamons and our doubts; but we all also have our joys, our families, our hobbies, our friends…our unique and wonderful selves.

I began blogging a few years ago, when I had the overwhelming desire to write and share everything that came into my head.  This has not always been a wise move!

Nonetheless, rambling on was, for me mentally, emotionally and socially, and communally, the right decision.

I am an open book, there are no skeletons in my cupboard and its all right here for the world to see, should they want to… and if you don’t find it here, you’ll find it over on FB or Twitter or Instagram.  I guess modern life is like that

…of an ordinary extraordinary life

We live in a world of facades… social media, ‘reality’ tv stars, and a world where marketing and aadvertising strive to ensure we all remain just a little bit dissatisfied, be it with what we have or don’t have; how we look or don’t look; how we feel.  If we were all happy with the skin we would in half the markets in the world would collapse… none would need to ‘watch’ their weight, buy into diet plans; need to constantly replenish a perfectly serviceable wardrobe.  We wouldn’t covet the possessions of others; the relationships others have or the lifestyles they represent.

But we forget, it’s all about perception.  Most people present their ‘best’ self on social media.  Our friends, collegues and acquaintances sugar coat their lives.  We do it ourselves; say we’re fine when we’re not; only go out if we’re in the mood; take a million selfies to find one that makes us look ‘the best’.  What we see is, at best, not the whole story; at worst, not real at all.  Yet these snippets into other lives and livestyles, make us feel ‘lesser’ somehow; inadequate, dissatisfied with our lot; or worried that we are not ‘normal’.

…so whats it all about?

I like rambling on!  I never plan it, I never know whats going to fall out of my head through my fingertips and keyboard and onto the screen.  Even now as I tell you what I’m rambling on about, I don’t know what words are going to appear.   It’s often a cathartic excercise.  I think I’m going to write about one thing and something else forms in my head and ends up on the screen.  So for sure you can expect honesty.  You can expect candor.  There will be variety.

Sometimes I’m writing as Lady Lily the Pink, my political alter ego; sometimes as my empathetic self in the role of An Alternative Celebrant.  I often find myself singing the praises of my community and locality.  Frequently I mind dump a mental health crisis; as a perimenopausdal woman with a history of anxiety and panic attacks , there’s plenty of material there!

What I’ve discovered since starting is thatI am not alone.  My concerns, behaviours and passions exist in many people.  Reading my posts helps them; hearing their comments helps me.

None of us are normal…

we are all extraodinaryAnd let me tell you one thing for definite.  None of you are ‘normal’.

Normal does not exist.

Each of us is unique.

Every one of us is different.

We are all ordinary in our absolute extraordinariness.

So here I am.  Writing about anything and everything.  Sharing my life.  Warts and all.  To make you realise that it is normal to feel abnormal.  That there is no such thing as normal .  And that you should embrace your own wonderful uniqueness.

You have an ordinary extraodinary life.  ..and if you don’t believe me, take a glimpse into mine and take it from there x