About Lady Lily the Pink and Ffoyd

Lady Lily the Pink and Ffloyd are inseparable.  Lady Lil, the alter-ego, Monster Raving Loony of Berni has stood in local, by-elections and for the Welsh Assembly.  Ffloyd is her trusty campaign vehicle.  Berni has owned Ffloyd  since 1999.  They have matured (!) together.  Both the same age, Lady Lil would be lost without Ffloyd.  They enjoy Pink Car Rally’s, Fundraisers, Car Club events and Campaigning together.  Sometimes Berni takes Ffloyd for a spin without Lily.  It’s lovely the way Ffloyd brings a smile to the faces of just about everyone, young and old.  Bikers, car enthusiasts, kids of all ages, shoppers, tourists.  Being out with Ffloyd always ensures Berni and Lily get to chat with strangers, one of their favourite pastimes.  There is nothing like bringing a smile to someone’s face.

Some Fab Memories

Lady Lily the Pink and Ffloyd don’t half get about.  Hillman Imp Club National get togethers; World Alternative Games, Partners in crime at fancy dress events, Drinkie time at Loony H/Q  (Llanwrtyd Wells, Neuadd Arms Hotel)…star of stage and screen  😉