pet memorials

Grief, when your beloved Animal companion dies…

Part of the family

Grief when a beloved animal companion dies can be devastating. For many of us, our pets are members of our family. They’ve possibly lived at home and been dependent on us longer than our children. Often, they ARE our children. When we lose them, the grief is tough to handle.
It can often be tougher than when we lose a person, as an animal companion is dependent on us for their entire life, and relies on us to meet their every need.
When a person dies, there is often a community of people grieving the same loss. Others often don’t understand the loss of a pet in the same way. They expect us to get over it more quickly. Yet grieving the loss of a pet is not a quick process. There is no reason why that grief should be easier to bear than any other.
I realise that many people want to commemorate the life of an animal companion, be that with a burial, a scattering of ashes, or a wake in their memory.

More than a Pet

One of the services I offer as an Alternative and Independent Celebrant is to officiate at a celebration of your late companion.

This could be in your garden, at a favourite spot important to you and their memory or, in fact, anywhere. As always, there are no rules. I can help you choose readings and poems, write a speech and prepare a service for as many people to attend as you wish.
Our pets are our family and our friend, and when we lose them, we need to mark their impact on our life.

Some people may like to commission a painting of their late pet. As an acrylic artist I could be the person you choose. However, my style may not be yours, and I am equally happy to recommend a specialist animal portrait artist to work with you to provide the perfect memorial image.  One I work very closely with is  Jo Oddie.

Cat portrait by Berni. The loss of a pet cat
Dog portrait by Berni. The loss of a doggy companion